According to AirWatch support (see below) AirWatch MDM solution can't identify MAC addresses of mobile phones with Android 6+ OS. It means that you will not be able to AirWatch-ISE solution using your new and shiny Android phone because Cisco ISE requests for MAC address and authenticate it based on MAC.

Summary of issue
Unable to identify MAC address of Android 6+ devices:
Beginning with Android Marshmallow (6.0), Google has limited the ability of apps using the WiFi and Bluetooth API to programmatically access an Android device’s local hardware identifier. Attempting to retrieve a device’s MAC address may return the value “02:00:00:00:00:00” in some cases.
Due to this change, functionality that leverages access to a device’s MAC address, such as Cisco ISE integration with AirWatch, as well as integration with certain 3rd party VPN providers, will not function properly on Android 6+ devices in instances where the MAC address is not reported properly. AirWatch is currently working with Google, Cisco, and other VPN providers to allow for integration on Android 6+ devices.
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